What is a “level B” Road?
It is a minimum maintenance road. If it is raining or has been, they will be a ooey, gooey, muddy mess!!! (and I love them that way). UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE, DRY OR WET SHOULD ANY VEHICLE DRIVE DOWN THESE ROADS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! Ignoring this warning will result in support/runner being assessed towing fees to extract the vehicle.

Who do I contact if I have problems registering online?
Contact – UltraSignUp.com

Are there age requirements?
The minimum age for the Relay event is 14 yrs old, for the Solo is 18 years old.

What do I need to bring to packet pickup?
Bring a current photo ID…and maybe some non-alcoholic beer for Brad

Can I pick up a packet for another participant or family member?
Yes, but notify us via email at [email protected]

Can I pick up my packet on race day?
No. The event does not allow for packet pickup on the day of the event. You must pick up your packet Thursday or Friday.

Will my results be available online following the race?
Results are provided by True Chip Timing Results and will be posted as you finish at the finish and online immediately following the event.

Are there gear requirements?
Please see your specific race page for required and “suggested” gear

What are the course markings?
What are “course markings”? ? Each runner will be directed to their race site per the links above and are required to come equipped with the turn-by-turn cue sheets. These will need to be printed prior to you stepping foot on the starting line and will not be made available on race day. Some racers will print full page directions and carry in ziplock baggies or some will choose to have cue cards laminated. It is up to each individual racer and what they most feel comfortable with. GPX files are available for download to mobile devices, but if you choose to use that option, please consider a backup option as technology has been known to fail when exposed to water, sweat, and heat

What kind of food will be available at aid stations?
Please see your specific race page for food items available

I have very specific food allergies or nutrition requirements. Will you be able to accommodate?
In order to maintain a financially and ecologically responsible race, we do attempt to provide an adequate selection of fuel that will cater to most. While we do understand there are some who may have specific requirements, we ask that you properly prepare for those through the use of drop bags and support crews. Each manned aid station will be equipped with foods and snacks that have a proven track record for agreeing with most stomachs. While we do our best to cater to vegetarians and those with food intolerance, we are unable to anticipate the specific needs of all racers. In our attempt to minimize waste, venturing outside of the items noted on each race page has shown to create a significant increase of garbage

What is the deal with the “Booneville Badass”?
Badasses are made by hard work and perseverance…this is where you will find out what you are made of