#FeatureFriday – Evan Selsor


Meet Evan Selsor, returning 100k runner. After an injury forcing DNF in last year’s race, Evan is back and he wants to win it all!

1) How long have you been running?

9 years, since the end of 6th grade to get ready for 7th grade cross country. I started out running one 2.3 mile loop per day and by the end of the summer worked up to running the loop 3-5 times per run for around 70 miles a week. I thought all the kids were doing it.

2) Do you remember the moment your first felt “like a runner”?

I came up in a running family, my parents and brother all ran for my high school and in college. They never pressured me, but I never though about doing much else so I’ve always felt like a runner in that way, even before I started.

3) What is your favorite race distance? Why?

Cross country, running the 5k in high school was always my favorite.

4) What first intrigued you about ultra running?

The adventure and self-sufficiency of the events. How they require you to be tough in different ways depending on the distance and terrain. How you have to have it all dialed in on race day from pacing to strategy to nutrition to your ability to adapt to the situation on hand.

5) How many marathons and/or ultras have you run?

I haven’t raced a marathon yet. I DNF’d the Booneville 100k last year because of a foot injury a few days before the race, but I had a good 45-50 minute lead by mile 30.

6) What has been your biggest running success to date?

Probably winning state cross country in high school – kind of sad that was in 2008. Maybe May 23rd I can change that answer to winning Booneville. 😉

7) What keeps you motivated?

Just loving to run, having a great support group that’ll never let me quit even if I wanted to, and hopefully getting to explore new places along the way!

8) What is your favorite food to eat while training and/or racing?


9) What is your favorite post race meal?

Buffalo Wings!!!

10) What is one piece of advice you would share with other runners?

Don’t waste your opportunities, especially if you have great coaches, listen to them even if you don’t want to sometimes.

11) When you aren’t running, how do you enjoy spending your time?

I love spending time with my girlfriend, Megan. I also love drawing stupid pictures, watching stupid animations on YouTube, and creeping on random race results.

12) Anything else you would like to share?

I just can’t wait to throw down sub 8hr pace on the backroads and see what I can come home in! Oh and I’m looking forward to not DNF’ing 🙂